Cultural Fit and Bias Reblog

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Librarian to be. . .
This is a great article on why cultural fit is a bad standard for hiring practices if followed without thought.

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Librarians? You Mean Those People Who Work in a Library?

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who works in a library is actually a librarian. And for those of you that don’t know anything about finding work in a library, for some library jobs are easy to come by, but for many they are exceedingly difficult to find. Why is that? Continue reading Librarians? You Mean Those People Who Work in a Library?

Why a Librarian?

On one of the many occasions of late that my curiosity forced me out of my introverted bubble, I made some time to talk with a few of my local librarians.

I don’t remember exactly which question of mine led them to inquire as to my reasons for interviewing them, but I couldn’t hold off my excitement in explaining why I felt the need speak with them in person. Continue reading Why a Librarian?


It’s up and functioning some though I am certain I will make tons of tweaks to get it right. Officially, I haven’t started my blogs yet, but I didn’t want to leave this page I worked so hard on totally blank!!