Why a Librarian?

On one of the many occasions of late that my curiosity forced me out of my introverted bubble, I made some time to talk with a few of my local librarians.

I don’t remember exactly which question of mine led them to inquire as to my reasons for interviewing them, but I couldn’t hold off my excitement in explaining why I felt the need speak with them in person.

The simple answer: I love books. I always have. Even the ones I don’t want to read, I love. When I see a book—new cover, old cover, smooth and thin or textured and rough I am filled with such joy that it is hard to describe. I mean, BOOKS! I just love them! The feel, the smell, the simple fact that I can open this object made of paper, fabric, and glue to find anything I could ever possibly dream up. That is just a little bit of the magic that books bring in to my life.

And where can you find a most magnificent stack of beautiful books? Well, the library of course!

The complicated answer: Growing up was hard. I had a lot of unusual things to deal with at a young age like homelessness, poverty, family members with drug and alcohol addictions as well as those with fanatical religious beliefs, to name a few. The library became my sanctuary early on. It was a place for me to spend my time away from all of those things. To forget that I was living that part of my life and dive into these beautiful, magical stories. It  was my own private mission  to find the library in every town that I was moved to and that’s exactly what I did.

In that way, I was never completely alone.

The answer I gave: who the hell knows? I totally blanked! Can you believe it?! I was so nervous and excited that these amazing librarians with umpteen years of experience were even taking the time out of their busy schedules to talk to me, that I completely forgot what I said! I’m sure it was some formulation of the first answer and it must have been good because all I can remember is both of them saying to me “You sound like a librarian!” I mean, oh my god. I just couldn’t even BE any happier than I was at that very moment! I could’ve died right then—except not, because I’m not a librarian yet.
But oh do I want to be!


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