Journal Entries

May 5th, 2017 (Final)

The Previous Week’s Observation

I was not done by Monday after having made a complicated wireframe that I wasn’t sure how to code. I asked to go on Wednesday instead. I spent Monday night and all of Tuesday uncomplicating the hell out of my piece and finally figuring out exactly the navigation. Several times I people found me laying on the couch in front of my computer staring out into space while I was trying to map out the pages in my head.I put the finishing touches on it Wednesday morning.

I finally finished. I was so nervous that my piece wouldn’t go over well, but now that’s it’s over, I’m really proud of myself. A little about my piece. I used the dadaist suggestion for poetry on my own poetry in the piece. All of it but the ending. I re-used some media from previous projects and exercises. I wanted it to be non-linear and interactive. I believe that I accomplished that and was able to test usability during class.

I really liked other people’s projects as well. I wrote a few notes:

Zach: Two people sitting facing each other. Actions dictated by Zach while video/audio piece plays. I documented for this.

Davy: First net art piece. Nathan testing usability. Very interesting, interactive directional story. Nice sound and non-imagery.

Sarah: Second net art piece with images and gifs. Questions used to direct interactivity. Rob wants user to scroll right.

Nathan: Presentation on possible site for work. Rob directs to show the problem then solution. Usability issues in both inspiration sites per Rob. Must have responsive web design.

Dennis: LinkedIn Job search Redesign. Demographic and issues research. Filters in the wrong places and issues wit =h entry. Comparative analysis useful per Rob. What are competitors doing well that we are not?  Indeed would be good for comparison. Website development has been ignored due to mobile explosion. Must be more prepared for web development rather than mobile with shift back toward this in industry per Rob. I don’t like the relevance of linkedIns suggested jobs.

April 28th, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

I read the section on wire framing and officially decided I wanted to do the hypertext narrative/net art piece. Rob informed us that our projects were due next week. I went to speak with him more about my piece. He suggested I read the section on wire framing in the textbook. I did and I read some of the link about content strategy. Some of my creative process was taking a two-hour long drive with the windows down and partially in Giant City. I ended up going to dinner at the lodge with my husband and started researching more about wire framing afterwards. I was on youtube for almost two days over the weekend researching wire framing and coding and defining grids while trying to decide exactly how I wanted my piece wire framed and how the navigation would work.

April 21st, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

We needed to get started on our projects. I was still having a hard time deciding about mine. I was pretty sure I wanted to do the net art piece instead of traditional site or redesign of something. I had to give it a lot of thought still. I knew already I wanted to use my poetry and have some kind of narrative. Rob said we should at least skim the book.

April 14th, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

Woo! The performances were this week! I surprised myself by volunteering for the full monty in these, especially based on the fact that I started off the performance part of this class completely and totally against performances since they made me so uncomfortable. But this was the turning point for me. I really enjoyed participating in this. My family showed up too and it was awesome! It was a fun time overall.

On Wednesday we started talking about our final projects and proposals. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do something traditional, more practical or not. When Zach mentioned a hypertext narrative, that really got my creative juices flowing. I talked to Rob after class and he let me know that even if it wasn’t practical, it can still be useful in the long run.

April 7th, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

Was late to Monday’s class this week. My basement flooded and had to wait for the maintenance person. I’m glad I made it to the second hour of class though. Dr. J asked for the people who are going to be in the performance to do this awkward, but really funny thing with twistiness and handholding. I laughed a lot. I’m pretty excited about this performance although I’m still not sure of the small details of my part yet. Rob keeps changing his mind lol. But my husband has decided to weld us some candlesticks for my candles and I think they’re going to turn out well.

Wednesday…he was not able to weld the candlesticks in time. We ended up just using cups.

April 1st, 2017 (March 31 week of)

The Previous Week’s Observation

Lot’s of craziness this week between my email not working and seeing more performances and trying to get an idea of what’s going to be in the upcoming performance on April 10th and 11th. I couldn’t participate in the first one on Monday because of the aforementioned issues with email and having had to leave earlier the prior week.

I ended up in a group with Dennis and Mi Young and our topic/theme was smells. We decided on matches, candles, and incense. It was sort of a ritualistic lighting and spreading the smell organically with movement rather than by mechanism. It ended up sort of triangle-shaped and shorter than I would’ve liked, but turned out well despite a little confusion with directions. 🙂

I went to a rehearsal for about four hours on Saturday. It was cool. I think a lot got hashed out and I got to do a little with the matches and candles. Had some ideas thrown around about how it was going to go and might need some candleholders. Other than that, I felt just a tad bit useless and a bit of an outsider. Not unusual for me though so no biggie. Still had some fun.

March 24, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

Okay, I feel like it’s pretty established by now that doing performance makes me uncomfortable. Consciously, I know that being outside of my comfort zone and experiences new things is a good thing, and I have told myself this many times before, but this week’s worth of classes finally made me feel good about thinking that. We had a spring break casualty when Zach and I didn’t get together to finish preparing our performance that was due this week. Albeit, we totally thought we’d have some time to finish it up in class on Monday, but that wasn’t really the case. We watched some really interesting performances and we saw a subject change back towards Frankenstein. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the performances this week although I’m still having difficulty understanding them right off the bat. My favorite performance on Monday was Wickham and Lauren’s (okay, I might have her name wrong) where he started coughing like thirty minutes before his performance and pretended to pass out from it after dancing hilariously, then Lauren began to animate him. He seriously had me wondering if he was really okay!!

Anyway, back to Zach and me. So for our we chose two paragraphs from my favorite part of the book–the creature confronting Frankenstein–and decided to split it up, sentence by sentence. We printed it out and cut out the the sentences. We used a single light above with the rest of the lights off and randomly picked the sentences from the bin I brought. As I stated in class, the intention was to play around with chance. We did this by taking a portion of the book that had a lot of meaning and letting the order randomly become rearranged and performed.

Needless to say, I was super excited when it turns out this ended up being modeled like dadaist poetry and when our performance spurred some really interesting exercises afterward! It was too bad I had to leave so early. Very fun class!

March 17, 2017

SPRING BREAK this week. I cleaned a lot….

March 10, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

We looked at the Statue of Liberty going dark news coverage. We looked at and talked about the dada-era books that were brought in. Everyone brought in a smell, which was interesting! I brought in a piece of tire. Someone brought in a spice in a bag and said it was their grandmother’s ashes. Another person brought in vinegar and said it smelled like someone’s diet. It was seriously funny and interesting! I’ve never quite done something like that before. By the end, we were put into groups of two to work on Frankenstein-like performances involving text, audio, image, light, dark, stillness, and movement. I was put into a group with Zach. It was interesting. I kind of felt like he didn’t have a lot to add at first, but we powered through.

March 3, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

The performances….The readings….Well, the performances were interesting.  The readings were…difficult for me to understand and to describe. The biggest thing that stuck with me is that happenings can be repeated, but any one can only be seen once.

Just a few of the notes I took:

  1. Mine was a dense audio piece by poppy. Could have used light to bring out the audio focus.
  2. Mi Young did a video and audio performance. Video and audio mashup. Performance in front on ground level. One part not fully fulfilled.
  3. Audio, speech and music video. Stand on chair in front with video as backdrop. Take hat off and mess with hair.

February 24, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

I think this was the first week of doing performance exercises as groups. I do not like exercises. I pretty much do anything I can to avoid awkward staring and it feels like this is mostly what it’s about.

I did not participate this week’s performance because I was unable to join a group. Interesting performances, even though I had no clue what they meant.

Just a few of the notes I took:

  1. Carl’s Jr. Burger with star. Disembodied voice. Female Sexuality. Confusion. Listening to commands by disembodied voice, but confused. Even most ridiculous until point of rejection and spitting out of food–running away.
  2. Juxtaposition. From various years. Nodding and shaking of heads. Video and audio clips. Agree/disagree. Total rejection. Two agree heartily. End with dancing.
  3. 30 36 14. Unlock Combo. Two in middle reading while rest of class surrounding. Telephone game. Got to end, couldn’t unlock.

February 17, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

I missed Monday of this week because I was feeling awful. Lots of stuff going around on campus plus the weather being wacky and global warming putting everyone out of whack, not to mention the branches of our government going buck wild and the disintegration of democracy as we know it. I think this was the first week of trying out performance exercises lead by Rob. Super awkward.

February 10, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

Monday went really quickly and I felt like I quickly fell behind in our last few days of coding. I was frustrated and a bit disappointed that I didn’t have a complete understanding of the final coding basics we went over. Then, Wednesday, was very different. Almost like the first day of class in January except not, especially because we had a visiting professor who helped lead the discussion on Frankenstein, which was definitely a thought provoking novel and the discussion of it even more so. I did not participate much as I was late on getting through the reading. Although I really like the story, slogging though the reading has been tough. Motivation is there, but low.

February 3, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

Coding is awesome! I felt pretty fast-paced and like I was keeping up well this week between learning more coding and taking notes. I also realized that I’ve been playing around with coding since I was thirteen although I knew nothing about the signifance of anything to do with code, only just enough to tweak my profile page the way I wanted on MySpace. It was really exciting to learn I’d been exposed to it a bit even unknowingly. I’m not sure how long this is supposed to be, but I was really enjoying coding this week and that’s about it.

January 27, 2017

The Previous Week’s Observation

So this week we talked about our observations and I spoke up about my choices along with a few others. More people than I had thought liked and chose to do common grounds as I did. During class I meant to be more eloquent, but ended up correcting someone about a wifi issued they’d observed that I had, time and again, disproven. This issue was that once someone has bought a drink at common grounds that they are given a wifi password with the longevity of three hours, once the three hours is up they were under the impression that you were required to buy another drink in order to receive a second wifi password and browse or lounge around for yet another three hours. I did believe this was the case myself at first week when I recently began frequenting common grounds again–they didn’t use to have wifi password and time restrictions. I soon found, after spending multiple lengthy days and sometimes weeks there that this was not the case as I was informed by the baristas several times that all I need do was request another password. Anyway, besides that this exercise made me ponder more on my own observations of the evocative abilities of interior design. I’ve thought of these before because of my own desire to open a shop like it, but different one day. In any case, it was interesting to hear about what everyone noticed. It seems that most of us were attuned to the same or similar things.

January 20, 2017

Interaction Observation

Comparison of Common Grounds and Delytes:

Although Common Grounds seems small, it’s actually quite spacious  with two people working behind the large counter and kitchen. Thanks to the color scheme and knick knacks and colorful menus, it also has a homey, comfortable and fun atmosphere. Delytes, on the other hand, is relegated to a small rectangular space with at least four people at a time vying for space inside the rectangular workspace. There are no knick knacks, only advertising and plain menu signs. Orders are taken so quickly that the waiting area becomes overfull. This is probably due, in part, to the fact that one person works the register while two others attempt to quickly make drinks while doing their best not to bump into one another. At Common Grounds, the cashier is the barista and is able to multi-task. At Delytes, there is often an influx of students, either in a rush or taking up the seating area. Despite the large area, there still does not manage to be enough room to line up from time to time. Common Grounds does not usually handle such a high influx, but if it had to, there may well be enough room that people could line up comfortably. There is more of a sense of urgency at Delytes than at Common Grounds as well. This is most likely due to the daily influx of people. As mentioned previously, this influx is much less at Common Grounds than at Delytes. Finally, at Common Grounds there is a self-service station in between the pickup area and the ordering area with plenty of space so that they are not overlapped while at Delytes the station is placed where it very often overlaps with the line of customers waiting to order instead of near the pickup area. It is incredibly inconvenient.


Common Grounds: The sign for common grounds is in a nice roundish font, with the minimalized design in yellow of a coffee cup placed between the words Common and Grounds. There are large double-paned, larger than door height windows placed to either side of the double doors. Minimal advertising of products in banners is placed at the top of the windows. These are labeled mochas, lattes, and fruit smoothies. Several black metal tables are placed in front of these large windows on the sidewalk in front of the store.  The name of the establishment is again placed upon the right-side door, again minimalist with black outline, white round letters and the coffee cup designed of one yellow line. The doors are glass with metal, possibly steel frames. Underneath the banner are placed stickers notifying customers of the wifi available, facebook notice, security notice, and the types of cards accepted by Square. Beneath that are the stores hours and beneath that a request not bring in outside food or drinks. A single flyer yellow flyer is taped to the left-side door. As you walk in, the smell of coffee permeates, tables and chairs are placed to the far left as well the whole of the right side of the stores. Tables and chairs are mostly wooden, either square or rounded with the exception of two large black leather chairs behind an even larger round dark wood table. The cash register which consists of a single tablet within a  red swiveling stand and white card reader. with coffee, blenders, and espresso machines take up the majority of the left-side wall. The kitchen can be seen through open doors to the right side of the register. There are coffee menus in front, to the left of the register as well as up high behind the register on the wall. All are written in colorful chalk, very neatly. There is a self-serve station to the left of the register as well as well as trinkets and signs to the left with coffee sayings and signs letting the customer know that the establishment sells organic coffee. Various coffee posters and trinket-like designs are placed among, including paintings and an ornament tree.

Customers walk in through the entrance quickly, hardly glancing at any of minimal advertising upon the windows nor the text or flier on the doors. Customers either find a place to put their things, such as backpacks, at their intended seat first or walk directly in and immediately left to the register. Those who found a seat first, head to the register shortly after alleviating themselves of their items. The barista addresses the customer as they head to the register and the customer asks questions regarding their particular preference of drink. The barista answers these questions quickly, enters their order while making another drink from the previous customer, then informs them of their total. The customer pays, signs the tablet when prompted then waits to get their card back. Once received, the customer heads back to their table and waits. In some instances, the customer hands the barista a punch card while waiting as well as waits at the far-left side of the register counter to receive their drink before either sitting back down or leaving. If one sits to wait, the barista announces the name of the drink ordered when it is finished.

Delyte’s: The outside of Morris Library is gigantic with a contemporary modern art design feel to it. The sidewalks are long and curved and there huge windows, with several of them surrounding the glass and metal framed doors. The first set of doors leads to a foyer of sorts and you notice that the entire is square-shaped with two sets of doors set at 90-degree angles to one another. The second set of doors leads into the commons area and several feet inside the building and to the left is Delyte’s. To the front and left sides of Delyte’s are the seats, mostly wooden but interspersed with leather chairs and ottomans. Connected to its left side are bench seats, both leather and wooden. On the opposite side of these is a bar-like seating area. Delyte’s is rectangular in shape with shelves holding stock on the left behind the front counter and coffees machines on the right behind the counter. The register is placed almost directly in the middle front area and immediately to the left is a refrigerated display case, typically showcasing drinks, sandwiches, fruit cups, pastries and more.

On the left outer wall of Delyte’s are several drink advertisement posters. Behind the counter up high on a beam of sorts are three menu signs placed together with plain text printed on them. The Delyte’s logo appears the bottom of the middle sign. This logo and red color scheme are present on their cups as well as the coffee machines. The SIU color-scheme of maroon and white is present in the counter and space design. A small sign hangs above the register stating order here, another sign hangs above an oval counter space sticking out on the left end of the front counter that states pick-up here. A self-service station is placed several feet in front of the counter, just behind a vertical structural beam, and is not completely visible when first walking in through the library’s main doors.

Unfortunately, I went on a day that it was closed and could not get a more recent observation. A sign was placed next to the register stating sorry, we’re closed and all of the items at the self-service were put way. However, I can comment on previous observations where I have observed either because I was waiting or out of curiosity. There have even been occasions where my observations steered me away from purchasing anything at Delyte’s. Typically, people walk through the front entrance and turn left to get in line at Delyte’s. In one of two instances, it is either empty or packed. When it is packed, people end up lining up all the way to the tables, which are not placed as far as you might think and sometimes towards the door or to the other side of the commons area near the benches. There is no real room for these large crowds and, based upon this lining up, people tend to be standing right in front of the self-service station, which is very inconvenient for those who would like to use it. In any case, a customer stands in line and when they reach the attendant or cashier, the cashier addresses them and takes their order. If a drink is order, the cashier writes an abbreviation of said order and sometimes the initials of the upon the cup. It is then handed to the barista who makes the drink. If food is ordered, either the cashier gets it or someone, a second attendant or supervisor grabs it and hands it to the cashier or places it on the counter. The cashier often asks if a receipt is wanted after payment. After payment, the customer moves to the right, round-shaped counter to await their drink. If the barista has questions, they then ask before completing the drink and handing it to the customer. If self-service is needed the customer then steps back toward the line area and uses it or may even need to wait if a line is present. If self-service is not needed, the customer typically finds a seat or heads further into the library, which is both to the far-right and far-left of Delyte’s.