Moving On

So, like I said before I don’t usually post political stuff on here and I do not plan for that to be a recurring event. I was just so upset, that I really felt I had to say something. Well, anyway life goes on and I am getting slightly more involved than I’ve ever been, but at present I have lots of things to do!

I decided to take a class this summer. Well, originally 3, but some things came up. Like the fact that I have to get a new computer and an actual camera in preparation for my media classes this fall. It kind of stinks though. Not that I don’t want a computer and camera, mind you. But the two classes I had to withdraw from in order to make up the difference those two pieces of equipment would cost were foundation courses for the second degree I want to pursue that would allow me to not have to pay over 1k out of pocket for a workshop.

However, my grades were really good between this semester and last so I went ahead and applied for a graduate tuition scholarship and I’ve been applying like crazy for GA Positions. They’re hard to come by though. My college literally has no GA Position’s available for their students, while the other college that I want to go specifically sets aside GA Positions for their students. Not that that makes me regret my choice to pursue this other degree–and separately at that. I love learning and I’m really excited about this program and what I will be able to learn about technology and even more about graphics and graphic design-type things. I’m just a little frustrated is all. But I’m holding out hope.

Besides that, some other things going on include the new addition to my schedule of leader of Teen Anime Club at my local library. I’m so super excited about this! I’m also nervous, of course, because the last time I led an anime club was in high school and I was the same age as everyone! Ah, well, hopefully everything goes well. Wish me luck! In addition to that, I’ve been considering for a long time that I might want to get more involved with volunteering. I’ve had a former coworker heavily suggest to me that I should volunteer at the American Cancer Society, but I’ve dragging my heels a bit on it because I’m not sure.

Last, but not least, I’ve also taken on the duty of getting my younger family members to get more involved as well. I’m really trying to get them going on volunteering and doing odd jobs until they’re ready for real ones. No couch potato summer for them! haha Wow, I really think this is probably the most I’ve ever talked all about myself. I don’t make many talkative posts on Facebook anymore so I’m surprising myself today.

Welp! Hope all of you have a wonderful summer! I’ll be back before too long to update. Thanks for reading! <3<3


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