Where I’m At

Okay, so far the library school thing hasn’t worked out for me. I don’t know about you guys, but I had a rough undergrad experience. I guess I really started to feel like there wasn’t much out there after a bachelor’s degree. At least, not in my area. After graduation, that feeling was amplified by about a thousand. I tried working full-time at what felt like a hundred different places and I could not find anything that fit or made me feel right. Hell, some I felt were doing illegal crap and I was not willing to put up with that. So, needless to say I was not on solid footing anymore and grad school was looking impossible because I’d have to take the GRE, pay application fees, and even then there was no guarantees I could get it. Plus the school I wanted to go to is three hours away from where I live and I didn’t know how to make that transition since I live in a multi-generational household and basically take care of everyone. Continue reading Where I’m At